Sunday, 22 April 2018

Shadow Sessions 002 - Jungle Drum n Bassics (Mixed By Sparki Dee)

Shadow Sessions 002 - Jungle Drum n Bassics (Mixed By Sparki Dee)

1/ Ontology- Heavy Ragga Bizness (Rollin Mix).
2/ Kid Lib & Phineus - X Scape.
3/ Krave - Blissful Interlude.
4/ Tim Reaper - The Way You Talk.
5/ Red Light - Kitty Kitty.
6/ FFF - Never Let You Fall.
7/ Lavery - Funky Flute.
8/ Johnny Jungle - Flammable (Krave Remix).
9/ FX - No Darkness,
10/ Teej - Goldhead.
11/ Venus - Now Is The Time (Rolla Remix).
12/ Russell - I Need.
13/ Aperio - U & Me..
14/ Crystal Skies feat. Ashley Apollodor - Fall A Thousand Times (Venemy Remix).
15/ Anton Ishutin, Liusen & DJ Rans - Waves (DJ Ransom Remix).
16/ Roller - Torch.
17/ Love Bass - Strangers (Jungle Raiders Remix).
18/ Enter - Run Dat.
19/ Kartoon - Check It.

Sparki Dee's Shadow Sessions makes it's welcome return and this time shines the spotlight on a stellar selection of established and up and coming jungle producers. Featuring over an hours worth of roughneck amen junglism, upfront drum & bass and smooth liquid rollers, jam-packed with intricate beat programming and heavyweight basslines. 
If you are looking for the very best new jungle and drum & bass, from the freshest talent out there then 'Shadow Sessions 002 - Jungle Drum n Bassics' is the number one place to start!!!

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Friday, 20 April 2018

[VMRDT108] Hektic Ft. Yush - Respect EP [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Respect (feat. Yush).
2/ Bad Man Ting.
3/ Walk In The Jungle.
4/ Chat Bout.

The mighty Hektic and Viral-Mental records are back again to bring you four ruff and rugged jungle gems with the release of the 'Respect EP' in digital stores worldwide.

Title track 'Respect' starts off the proceedings with a potent fusion of jazz licks, growling bass drones and rolling, 2-step breaks topped off with conscious ragga vocals from renowned MC, Yush, and is soon joined by even more heavyweight bassline pressure with the head-nodding, dubby stepper 'Bad Man Ting'.

Up next we are introduced to the sublime 'Walk In The Jungle', a tearing amen driven jungle track backed up by luscious pads which pay tribute to the scene's Golden Era. Rounding off the collection we have the moody 'Chat Bout' which combines aggressive ragga outbursts with a combination of 2-step breaks and amen rolls, alongside monstrous Reese bass drones.

Hektic once again, delivers an essential selection of upfront, dancefloor focused jungle that'll be guaranteed to put the fire into any upfront jungle/drum & bass DJ's set. 
The Breakbeatscientist pick of the bunch... 'Walk In The Jungle'.

The Hektic, 'Taken EP' is available to purchase exclusively from Juno Download before going on general release, so get in there pronto before the masses do!!!




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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Awesome 3 - Don't Go 2018 (Pursuit Remix) [FREE WAV DOWNLOAD!!]

Awesome 3 - Don't Go 2018 (Pursuit Remix).

This Is Nu-Rave label boss Pursuit revisits a veritable rave anthem from 1992, with his mint fresh remix of Awesome 3's  hands-in-the -air classic, 'Don't Go'. Taking the euphoric piano elements of the original, Pursuit adds a thoroughly pumping house reinterpretation, complete with heavily reverberating vocals to give it a dubbed out flavour.  

Pursuit's remix of Awesome 3's 'Dont Go' is available to download for free on his official Soundcloud page, So if you're feelin' the track then don't forget to Follow, Comment and Share!!! 


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[INTENSIVE031] NEFTI - My Love (Ft. Remixes by Rave Force, Oneplayz, Greg Sin Key) Out on Intensive Recordings

01. My Love (Original Mix)
02. My Love (Rave Force Remix)
03. My Love (Oneplayz Remix)
04. My Love (Greg Sin Key Remix)

Lodz Intensive well known collective returns with a supreme digital release of Nuskool Breaks!
In other words, Nu-Rave king Nefti is back after returning from his first ever UK live set and @ Rejuvenation 6th Birthday event in Leeds.
'My Love' is his new personal dish covered with anything you'd need, like pianos, hard bass and storming phat breakbeats along with quality remixes from his good local friends Greg Sin Key and Oneplayz.
Additionally he's back with rushing Rave Force suit delivering a pretty cool nu-ravey remix.
This is the new Intensive Recordings digital weapon, totally appropriate for your dj sets and your listening pleasure. This company knows how to score over the years and this new proof makes does it!



Monday, 16 April 2018

BC Rydah - System On Thump [YESKA BEATZ]

01. Buku
02. Ruffneck
03. Clash Dem
04. All Junglist Dem Big Up
05. Bane's Howl
06. Lemin Haze
07. Watch My Smoke
08. Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (BC Rydah Remix)

L.A. Junglist BC Rydah returns with an ultimate ruffneck business totally appropriate for any Jungle in guy and junglette out there.
'System on Thump' is his new 8track digital album out on his own imprint, YESKA BEATZ and it's totally devastating when it's loud and only.
Highlight tune (even if it's not clear Junglistic, it has that reel feel): 'Watch My Smoke'.

Get it while you can and you won't be disappointed at all..

Album art: 22 Grafix
Mastered by: Ed808



Sunday, 15 April 2018

Nuskool Hardcore Mix - April 2018 (by GL0WKiD)


PZG & Dubsknit - Heyyy Music Is Nothing [COCK ROCK DISCO]
Andrew Juke - HYPE1 [HOOD RECORDS]
Age of Love - Age of Love (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) [WE BUY GOLD]
Sample Junkie - Yes Jah (Dave Skywalker Remix) [IN:FLUX AUDIO]
Mr Oizo - Flatbeat (Scartip 160 hi-jack) [Free DL]
Pianoid - Chase devil (booty jungle sinebass rave remix) [Free DL]
Amaretto - Go Back [SELF RELEASE]
Pianoid - Augmented Raver [Free DL]
DJ Revive - Thru The Nite [UNRELEASED]
DJ Brisk - Make It Rough (Insane & Mind Remix) [Free DL]
DJ Beeno - This Is No Game [UNRELEASED]
DJ Brooksie - Want Your love (Stronger Mix) [Free DL]
Preternatural Substance - The Dove
Unknown Artist – B2 [FORTHCOMING - TRIGGER HAPPY Vol.2]
The Vibe Controller - The 95 Vibe [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
Shadowplay & Ant To Be - 1234 [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
rira - Logical Invasion (Yudaidhun Remix) [REWINDBACK RECORDS]


Saturday, 14 April 2018

LUCKY - Bad Future (7track mini digital album)

01. Nine Hundered 9 Lonely Hearts
02. Little Planet
03. Hey
04. Bad Future
05. Do What U Want
06. Resist A La Mode
07. Rock The Rave

Colorado based pixel artist, mainly but also an aspiring producer by the name LUCKY, has recently released a self mini album including 7 tunes of attraction following a proper 90's rave revival mission.
'Bad Future' is our recommended rave inspired digi album for this week, with LUCKY in full effect, while experimenting different things on his tunes!
Suffice to say that his trademark is 'Making Yesterday's Games, Today' so why not doing the same with music?!

Highlight tune: Hey (a pretty good well worked Hyper Techno tune)


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

[Raveskool Recordings & Sonic Fortress] Various Artists - Booyaka! Deluxe Edition [Massive 4 X CD, USB & Digital Album Pre-Order Now!!!]

Aduki - Mind, Body, Soul.
Afterlife - Euphoric St8.
Altern8tive - Take Me Back.
Amaretto - Plasma.
Apogee Breaks - Sleep Deprivation.
Bagpuss - Choices.
Bay B Kane - Future Jungle.
Beats Are Broken - All In Your Mind.
Bennie D & Jonny C - Bass Rebel.
Bizzy B - Hardcore Ting.
Condevex - Same Ol' Trip.
Damage Inc. - Assamuffin.
Deadly Nightshade -Take Take Take.
Deekline - I Can't Wait.
Distrax - Just A Feeling.
DJ CDC - I Need That Drug.
DJ Jedi - Frenzy.
DJ Mark C - Turn Up The Levels.
DJ Rave In Peace - Feel Like New.
Gareth Monks & Rough Cut - World Gone Insane.
Gentleman Bastard - Smooth Operator.
Greg Sin Key - Summer Bass.
Hyper G - Take Control.
Insane & Mind - Open Up Your Heart (Beefed Up Mix).
Isotonik - I Love You Dear.
Kitchen Sink Ravers - Jungle Tekno.
Libatee - Who The Fuck Is Famous.
Liquid Alliance - Ecstasy Of Mayhem.
Makka 606 & Pete S - What We All Need.
Matt Bass - Hypercube.
Mr Psik - Dry Rinse.
Nefti - Do It To Me.
Neurygma - Believe.
N-Gill, Impact, Stomp & Luffy - Happy League (Remix).
Paul Cronin - Hardcore Massive.
Pirate Jams -Turn t Around.
RenegadeGenius - Mind Blowing Beats (Aputated Vocal Mix).
Richard Champion - I'm Going.
RonWellsJS - Deep Three.
Sanxion - Tell Me.
Schnez - 3am.
Shade K - Open Rhythm.
Simon Holmes - Rave Be Good To Me 2018.
Sonic Trip - Inception.
Stu & Nee - All I Need (Boykz & Chapman Remix).
Swedger - Catahan Combat.
Systec - The Story Of Life.
Talking Needle - You Are The One.
Ten Tun - Bass Drum.
Tony Oldskool - Give Yourself To Me.
Try Unity - Forever Free.
The Vibe Controller - Oi Oi.
Vinyl Junkie - One Love.
Yell-O-Phase - In The Beginning (Darkness Mix).

Two leading labels pushing the sound of contemporary breakbeat hardcore, jungle, upfront hardcore and jungle techno, join forces to bring to you the ultimate nuskool rave album, with the massive Raveskool Recordings and Sonic Fortress 'Booyaka! Deluxe Edition' album. Enlisting the scene's very best underground and up and coming talent alongside a whole host of undisputed oldskool legends from the dawn of hardcore and jungle, with the mission to bring the vintage sounds eave back to 2018.

Raveskool label boss Paul Cronin, and Sonic Fortress head honcho Damage Inc. leads the charge for hyper-kinetic, 1992 style breakbeat hardcore with 'Hardcore Massive' and 'Assamuffin'. The oldskool veterans soon follow hot on their heels with a hi-octane selection of fresh new tracks from the likes of Altern8ive, aka Chris Peat from chart topping rave act Altern8 and original future junglist, the mighty Bay B Kane. The king of beat choppage Bizzy B drops some ruffneck hardcore with breakbeat and UK Garage legend Deekline delivering some rave & bass flavours.Top 40, hands-in-the air rave anthem pioneers, Isotonik, joins rank with the master of jungle techno synthesis Ron Wells (aka Jack Smooth) and the original nuskool hardcore revivalist, the one and only Vinyl Junkie
We have RenegadeGeniusSystecDJ Rave In Peace, JediNefti, Stu, Nee, Boykz & Chapman, Sanxion, Bennie D and Simon Holmes also representing the first wave of nuskool hardcore alongside with a tearing selection of uplifting, hard-hitting and stab fuelled breakbeat belters. Established underground artists Try Unity, Yell-O-Phase, Greg Sin Key, Insane & Mind, Liquid Alliance (aka Wislov & Alex Breako), Libatee and Apogee Breaks (aka Amiga Breaks/DJ FuzzBuzz) carry the rave flame before handing over to a veritable army of up & coming producers.

Joining the list of the hardcore new breed we have among others the inimitable Deadly Nightshade, Lazer FM's DJ BagpussMr Psik, Polish rave-ivalist Talking NeedleTony Oldskool, South American hardcore junglist Beats Are Broken, Red Alfa's DistraxSwedger, Spanish hardcore contingent Neurygma and Shade K and darkside warrior the Gentleman Bastard

Last, but most certainly not least, we have representing the Raveskool Recordings camp label regulars Richard Champion, Amaretto, DJ CDC, Kitchen Sink Ravers, Pete S and the irrepressible Gareth Monks.

From chunky-funky 120 bpm breakbeat bangers, to rush inducing piano anthems, frenzied hyper-kinetic stab-fests, tearing darkcore, sublime jungle tekno, euphoric happy hardcore and subsonic bassline fuelled future jungle. The 'Booyaka! Deluxe Edition' album is destined to be the definitive nuskool rave album of all time!!!

Nuff respects to Sonic Fortress' Nam Wan and Raveskool Recordings' Paul Cronin for all the effort in putting this project together.

The Breakbeatscientist's pick of the bunch... Sonic Trip's absolutely lush and cinematic 'Inception'.

The absolutely humongous 'Booyaka! Deluxe Edition' album is available to pre-order now in Limited Edition CD (£14.99 + P&P) and USB (£19.99 + P&P) formats. And features an exclusive DJ mix from DJ Remixx with forthcoming tracks from DJ Demo. So what you waiting for??? Follow the link below, listen to the sounclips et your copy reserved NOW!!!

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Monday, 9 April 2018

DREAM FREQUENCY New Mix & New Release!!

Fresh mix session is now available and it comes from the almighty Ian Bland the mastermind behind his project Dream Frequency, well known for some of the biggest 90's hits like 'Feel So Real' and 'Take Me'.
This outstanding and colourful mix features amazing oldschool sounds driven by piano and catchy dance rhythms that will take yourself into a neverending trip of nostalgia and reminiscence in order to rejuvenate your mood as well. Did I say 'rejuvenate'?
Well, Dream Frequency is officially back with a new release collaborating with Rejuvenation's soldier Si Frater on a lovely tune titled 'Rejuvenation' coming along with some truly mental remixes by DJ Absolute, Greenbins, Pianohead, Russ Richardson & DJ Pete Orme from Awesome 3.
(You can purchase this digital release here: Rejuvenation - The Mixes)


Sunday, 8 April 2018


Japanese Breakbeat passionate producer/DJ, Amaretto, returns with a brand new tune. Something fresh delivered right straight from his kitchen following once again his usual Hardcore Breaks tip aiming to 'Go Back'. This digital single is out on his bandcamp page.
It's a cool tune for your pleasure by listening or mixing and support is deserved for this young kid. Additionally, don't miss him in the 54track 'Booyaka' compilation/album where he' featured with his track 'Plasma'.



The Ultimate TNO Project Mix by GL0WKiD

On our last Strictly Nuskool interview you had the chance to learn some useful info about German Hardcore boy-wonder, TNO Project, who has released this week his debut personal 12" EP titled "Fragemented Brain EP".
This piece of Breakbeauty is out on Knitebreed Records and you can purchase it here
On behalf of his hard work till this debut EP release, I'd sorted out a special Mix including released/unreleased/dubplates/freebies of him.

So, let the eruption begin!!


01. Now Fuck This
02. 2mellow4me (Make Me Feelin)
03. Started Like this
04. This Gen-E-ration [BREED18]
05. Space Cube - Session (TNO Slammin' Remix)
06. Hall of Rave
07. Gambling Addiction [BREED18]
08. The Orphanage [KF70]
09. Gimme Ya Love
10. Keep it Goin'
11. Lucid Dreams
12. Still Alive
13. Just Jokin'
14. Quiet Mountain
15. Metempsychosis [BREED18]
16. Heartbreaker


Saturday, 7 April 2018

[OCT020] Retropolis - Pressured [OCTOTRAX]

Breakspoll 2014 Best Breakthrough producer and hard working Nuskool hero, the man like Sam White returns under his Retropolis moniker delivering one more cool Nu-Raveish shot of uplifting rhythms and modern Rave Breaks.
'Pressure' is the latest new single release out on the quality label, Octotrax, and it's available from now on on Junodownload exclusive for 2 weeks just before heading to all other major digi stores.
Worth a listen and moreover support & buy this pretty gem!




Thursday, 5 April 2018

CAT192484:: M-BASS - Sanctuary [3track Digital EP - RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]

01. Sanctuary (Original Mix)
02. Second Coming (Original Mix)
03. Straight From Outta Dancehall (Original Mix)

This is a kind of rewind to the golden era of Hardcore Breaks around mid 00s, as M-Bass was a lot active back then co-running Pitch Control Records alongside DJ Trix as well as being in a good conjustion with producers like Sike, Stu & Nee or Nervous & Anxious.
Matt is now officially back with a tune signed and to be released in the 54track compilation album 'BOOYAKA'; one of the most outstanding releases of 2018 (or even better..The One).
In addition he has recently released a personal 3track digital EP via Raveskool Recordings including 3 storming tunes of Oldschool Hardcore attraction, keeping the Rave lore of the 90's truly and deeply.
M-Bass kicks off and scores from the first minute of  'Sanctuary' EP!
Available to purchase your digital copies now in major digi platforms.

Highlight tune:  "Second Coming"